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Eidos to push for more “character-driven” games May 28, 2009

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 Eidos CEO Phil Rogers, in an interview at Square Enix Holdings, has reiterated the British firm’s vision for their games: “to create innovative, high-quality, character-driven games and gameplay experiences.” Rogers says this vision has served as “a good driver, a good focus for us” towards “a content-creation business with supreme sales and marketing talent around that.”

Our radar’s picking up signal of a more Lara-driven Tomb Raider game, folks — as should a “high-quality” one but…we’re getting nothing. We’re sticking to Square Enix’s mission towards consumer happiness.


Make Lara jump AT you: Tomb Raider 3D now at your fingertips May 24, 2009

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Now you can play Tomb Raider in 3D, thanks to Nvidia’s 3D Vision kit. We don’t really know the specifics of how it works exactly (something to do with a pair of glasses and an infrared transmitter), but Times Online claims that it does; that is, for a £99 price tag.

Clingy wet texture on Lara Croft after a swim in the Med? We’re there!