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Yoichi Wada: Square Enix-Eidos IP swaps possible June 12, 2009

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In an interview with Gamasutra during last week’s LA gaming expo, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada talked about the possibility of swapping Eidos and Square Enix IPs.

“I think that’s possible. But what’s more important is that the two companies, for example, are going to be creating a new IP together.”

While the prospect of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII team developing Lara’s next outing would no doubt be…interesting, to say the least, Wada pointed out that swapping of IPs doesn’t have to be limited to exchanging game development responsibilities. “Square Enix not only has IP for games, but there’s also IP for animation or manga, as well. So those IPs might be leveraged, for example, by Eidos — in order to turn them into a game.”

“Or it can be vice versa as well: the game IP that the Eidos team has might be transferred over to the Square Enix team to turn it into a comic book, for example, or animation, or figures as well. And so those are some of the areas that this question concerns, as well.” — Reminds you of something?

So what will it be: More Lara dolls or a Square Enix-developed Tomb Raider game?