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Wanted at Tomb Raider dev house: Multiplayer techman March 4, 2009

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It’s no secret that Eidos has given neo-Tomb Raider dev team Crystal Dynamics directive to solely focus on the Tomb Raider series. How this will translate into the eventful Square Enix takeover, we still don’t know. But one thing’s for sure: CD is on the hunt for future tech-buddies for their next [Tomb Raider] project.

The Lara Croft dev house has posted jop openings at their Redwood HQ in California. Among them is the “Online Programmer,” whose job is to collaborate with “designers, artists, and other programmers” — as the job description puts it — “to develop and iterate on an online functionality including areas like multiplayer, user content sharing, community features, game metrics, etc.”

Last year, Eric Lindstrom revealed that the team has talked about the possibility of having a multiplayer feature in the ninth Tomb Raider title. Playing connect the dots tells us that CD has all intentions to further efforts for a multiplayer feature in future Lara Croft outings, considering the “online” bit of the “Online Programmer” opening, and, well, the job description that follows it.

The “System Designer” opening requires knowledge and skill in “designing and building game-play which could include but not be limited to systems such as weapons and combat or character tuning and abilities.” Make of that what you will, but this sounds like Angel of Darkness redux, for better of for worse.

Earlier last month, Crystal Dynamics said that it’s still far too early to reveal anything about the next Tomb Raider game. While we agree, it seems that a little Sherlock Holmes-ing in and around cyberspace can unearth juicy details they’d otherwise prefer to be hidden from us, and we have amiro1989 to thank for that.

Definitely more on this as it develops, which it will.


Crystal Dynamics: “It’s too soon to say anything about the next game” February 6, 2009

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It was in November last year when we first heard of the possibility of multiplayer for the ninth Tomb Raider game. Fast-forward to February ’09, asked if Crystal Dynamics has finally decided to go through with the feature, a CD rep only had this to say:

Multiplayer is always considered for each game, difficult as it is, and I imagine it always will be, but it’s too soon to say anything about the next game.

Multiplayer? Next game? We’re trying to be excited here — especially with news of reboots and makeovers and takeovers everywhere — but Lara’s gone through far too much, we don’t know if we’ll ever even have her back, at all.

[Gamezine UK]

Lara goes rocket-raiding for the New Year January 1, 2009

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Now we just can’t help but wonder what 2009 will have in store for us.

Will Eidos eventually get taken over by Warner Bros.? Will we be hearing an announcement of the ninth ‘Raider title and its rumored multiplayer feature soon? Will Alison Carroll be around to promote Tomb Raider 9 or will we get a new real-life Lara? How about a brand new Tomb Raider movie — that’s not entirely impossible, is it? (No Debra Messing, please; we still love Angelina.)

What we know for sure though is that we will be getting more of Underworld through the upcoming DLC for 360. Beneath the Ashes will be making an appearance in the coming weeks, Eidos assures us, with Lara’s Shadow next in line in the months to come. To those, we’re definitely looking forward.

From Tomb Raider Fanboy, Happy New Year!

Art courtesy of Dapling (via Tomb Raider Forums). Thanks, Dapling!

Multiplayer a possibility for TR9 says Lindstrom November 25, 2008

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In an interview with Eric Lindstrom at The Gathering 08, MS XBOX World reports that the Creative Director for Tomb Raider Underworld has hinted that Crystal Dynamics has considered incorporating multiplayer in future Tomb Raider games.

Whether it will do good or bad to the series is completely beyond anyone at this point, but it sure would be interesting to see how Lara could work hand-in-hand with or head-to-head against other player-helmed characters. Co-op treasure hunting? Relic-raiding race? Verus mode gun battle? Should be interesting to see what the team has in store for us in the future.