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Lara Croft modeler teaches you how to create your own Lara model May 5, 2009

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Jonathan Rush, the man behind the character models for Tomb Raider Anniversary and the Wii version of Underworld, is set to give a workshop on “Modern Game Character Creation,” an eight-week course sponsored by CG Society.

The workshop will give you a hands-on experience creating and modeling your own character. Rush will guide you through the conceptual stage and the modeling stage itself covering various topics from hard surface modeling, detail-adding, creation of in-game mesh, adding textures, to adding the finishing touches to your own Lara Croft creation.

Registration’s until 21st May. Classes start on the 25th. Should be a good way to jump-start your career in the gaming biz. Just make this jump to CG Society for more details.

You can hop on to Jonathan Rush’s official website to view his own character creations, as featured in an earlier Fanboy post together with other unofficially released ‘Raider artworks.


Here’s the 411 on ex-Lara model Lucy Clarkson — she’s still very much alive, yes April 29, 2009

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Fourth of x official, Eidos-employed Lara Croft models, Lucy Clarkson has gone on to take the modelling business seriously in the past years, taking on campaigns for various brands like La Senza, Chanel, Diesel, Sports Illustrated,Marks and Spencer, Marie Claire, More Magazine, Wrigleys, Kinders,Veet, De Beers and Pearl Drops.

She may very well have all the glamor that comes with going pro, but Lucy doesn’t seem to forget her roots as the 17-year old lass that she was hired by Eidos to literally embody the company’s flagship vixen. Asked about the Lara Croft kind of fashion, Lucy had this to say: “Well,  as much as I’d like to dress like Lara in my everyday life it can prove tough seeing as Lara’s outfit consists of Latex, very skimpy shorts ,a holster and a gun! But seriously speaking I love to get dressed up in something sexy and I loved the boots I wore as Lara.”

Shudoo has the full interview up on their site. More through there on Lucy Clarkson’s take on fashion — the world she’s become to be a part of post-Lara.