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Eidos reveals E3 line-up; New Tomb Raider gets top-secret treatment? May 30, 2009

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Eidos has issued a press release revealing their E3 line-up, which includes Batman: Arkham Asylum, Just Cause 2, and Mini Ninjas, with no signs of a public Tomb Raider reveal. Oh, but that’s not stopping the blogosphere from speculating about Lara’s return.

Twitter has spawned a new ‘net-culture of insta-news and one-liner blog-rants, and has also become, of all things, an all-around rumor-generator that tickles everyone’s inner fanboy senses…and, sad to say, we’ve fallen victim to it.

Following a tweet-tease from Eidos community manager Keir Edmonds about “a special announcement in the next couple of days,” another twitter who claims to have insider info on the upcoming E3 points to a new ‘Raider being announced at the expo.

While Edmonds’ tweet could very well be about any of Eidos’ other major titles, the anonymous E3 tipster specifically makes mention of a new Tomb Raider title that will “revolutionize” the series, echoing Eidos pres Ian Livingstone’s excitement about “remarkable things” that will “surprise people and reinvigorate the franchise.”

Of course we’re filing this under rumors for now, and while we are hopeful, we’re definitely not counting on it. There’s also been mention of the next Hitman title, and even that‘s not part of Eidos’ official line-up. Oh well, there’s your bull(sh*t)dozer.


Underworld PS3 trophy patch to release on 28th May May 22, 2009

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Keir Edmonds, Eidos’ global community manager, has just announced on Tomb Raider Fourms that the PS3 trophy patch for Tomb Raider Underworld will be released on 28th May. This follows the February announcement that the patch was underway. The update comes with some “fixes” according to Edmonds, “but nothing major or cosmetic.”

Yay for PS3 players then.

New Beneath the Ashes screenshot shows leaping Templar knight thrall February 21, 2009

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…and Lara’s Legend-ary headset. Eidos community manager Keir Edmonds has released a new screenshot of the 360-exclusive DLC for Tomb Raider Underworld. He teases that “there will be a screen for Saturday, Sunday and Monday too right up until release,” which is on the 24th.

Hop on to Tomb Raider Chronicles to see the full thing.

(What in the world is a Templar knight doing under Croft Manor?)