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Eidos to push for more “character-driven” games May 28, 2009

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 Eidos CEO Phil Rogers, in an interview at Square Enix Holdings, has reiterated the British firm’s vision for their games: “to create innovative, high-quality, character-driven games and gameplay experiences.” Rogers says this vision has served as “a good driver, a good focus for us” towards “a content-creation business with supreme sales and marketing talent around that.”

Our radar’s picking up signal of a more Lara-driven Tomb Raider game, folks — as should a “high-quality” one but…we’re getting nothing. We’re sticking to Square Enix’s mission towards consumer happiness.


Square Enix wants to give you an “unforgettable” tomb-raiding experience May 28, 2009

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Square Enix big boss Yoichi Wada has a vision for the future of Tomb Raider (among other Eidos IPs) — a game that will “spread happiness across the globe by providing unforgettable tomb-raiding experiences.” But just how does he plan to achieve that?

In a joint interview with Eidos CEO Phil Rogers, Wada says the company puts prime on “understanding each and every one of our customers.” That means the Wada-man counts you and I in in shaping the future of Tomb Raider, but…really now? If anything, they’ve at least fulfilled the fangasmic dream of seeing Lara Croft with THE Final Fantasy pres.

Loads more through the official firm interview.