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More than a decade later, Lara Croft still “hottest” in hearts of gamers June 20, 2009

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Among other sizzling leading ladies of gaming, that is. Thanks to Obama Girl for surveying E3 ’09.


Ian Livingstone on UK games industry: “It doesn’t get the support it deserves” January 29, 2009

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Ian Livingstone, founder of Eidos Interactive, doesn’t seem to mind expressing his apparent disappointment in the state of UK’s games industry. In a Future Pro Manchester event held last Tuesday, Livingstone said “the industry doesn’t get any support even though it contributes £40bn a year to GDP,” adding that, despite being “bigger” than the film and TV industry put together, “it operates in a background of regulatory pressure and an unsupportive press.”

According to this Cain’s report, Livingstone is also an adviser to UK government about creative industries. On the lack of suitable skills to contribute to the games industry, Livingstone pointed to British universities’ role in shaping the future of interactive entertainment:

Universities are not producing enough of the type of people we need. The industry needs mathematicians, physicists and artists. There are something like 81 courses in the UK dedicated to computer games, but universities get paid for putting bums on seats and they’re turning out students who know all about the history of games, but they can’t make them.

Now that Canada’s overtaken the UK as the second-biggest producer of computer and video-games, Livingstone seems reflective of the accomplishment of UK in the industry of gaming: “They have achieved in 10 years what took us 25.”