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Final Fantasy XIII engine likely to be used for Eidos IPs June 13, 2009

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Crystal Tools, the Square Enix engine behind Final Fantasy XIII, may very well be the next engine [insert Eidos title here — Tomb Raider?] will be developed on.

In an extensive interview with Gamasutra, Yoichi Wada and Phil Rogers, the respective CEOs of Square Enix and Eidos, confirmed plans of tech exchange between the two companies for future games.

That means Tomb Raider Underworld’s Crystal Tech engine (yes, it’s also a “Crystal” technology) could be used for a ‘Raideresque Final Fantasy action/adventure title some day in the future, while Final Fantasy XIII’s Crystal Tools could pave the way for an ambitiously innovative — gasp! — Lara Croft RPG.

Yoichi Wada points to the differing areas of strength both companies have in terms of game development, “so in that sense the technology, as well as the technology exchange, is also going to be mutually beneficial.”

The Square Enix boss also seems enthusiastic about the prospect of the exchange. “I believe that we would have to forcibly start that kind of a process.” As are we — if only because it would be interesting to see something… unexpectedly wowsome.