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Comments and suggestions about the site’s contents are most appreciated. Tips about potential news and features are also welcome. To contact the site’s editor, send an e-mail to tombraiderfanboy@rocketmail.com.



1. riezner - December 8, 2008

Great blog! I’m a huge Tomb Raider fan

2. Keir_Eidos - December 22, 2008

Hello from Eidos HQ!

I’m the community manager at Eidos. I stumbled across your blog, it’s really cool – we should chat. Drop me a mail πŸ™‚

3. tombraiderfanboy - December 22, 2008

Hi Keir,

Thanks so much. I’ve sent you a mail at the webmaster@tombraider.com address. πŸ™‚

Edit: It doesn’t seem to be active though. I’ll reach you through PM if you don’t mind

4. Ostercy - February 22, 2009

May I use your article on fan-covered TR music as the basis for an article on Wiki Raider? πŸ™‚

5. tombraiderfanboy - March 8, 2009

@ Ostercy: Sorry for the super late reply, but go right ahead. We don’t mind! Thanks for visiting the site.

6. Conrado - March 11, 2009

Your site is beautiful!!! LOVELY!

Enter in my site from Brazil: http://lara-daily.co.nr

7. ]{eith - April 28, 2009

Just saw this now, very nice site! Love the look, very sleek and modern! Keep up the great work!

8. tombraiderfanboy - May 3, 2009

@ Conrado and Keith: Thank you so much for dropping by!

9. Dave - June 1, 2009

“Ashes” and “Lara’s Shadow” on a PC??

Hello Everyone! Can you tell me if I can download and play using a PC if I have an XBOX-360 game controller?


10. Louise - October 28, 2009

Please Take a look at my Lara Croft pics on my youtube channel here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/user/laracroftfan2009#p/u/5/B20z4SsmkPA

great site and I can’t wait to see the new tomb raider

11. Louise - October 28, 2009

I feel I may have the young lara look they are looking for in the new film and Game Im 24 I fit the criteria of the young lara and , Is there any one I can get in contact with about the new game and film as I would love to take on the role as Lara Croft.

I have been wanting all my life to be lara croft , This is the best site ive come across for Tomb Raider news Cool

again my youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/laracroftfan2009#p/u/5/B20z4SsmkPA

It would be nice to get some feedback

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