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Angelina Jolie: Megan Fox won’t do Lara Croft justice June 25, 2009

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Angelina Jolie isn’t happy about rumors of Megan Fox taking on the Lara Croft role.

“Angie isn’t a fan of the Transformers films and believes Megan won’t do the Lara Croft character justice. She’s also annoyed because she thinks Megan copies everything from her, from her tattoos to her style,” said a source close to the actress.

Oddly enough, Megan Fox has recently spoken about the issue (yet again) at a Beverly Hills press con for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, merely echoing what she said in May: “I think that’s a role that Angelina Jolie mastered, and I would never attempt to take that over from her.”

Case closed? You bet. Let’s keep those claws in check, Angie.

[Telegraph UK, Sci-Fi Wire]


Megan Fox on Tomb Raider: “I don’t think I can carry an action franchise” May 24, 2009

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Megan Fox, once again, denies rumor of taking over the Lara Croft role for the upcoming Hollywood ‘Raider reboot. “I’m not replacing Angelina Jolie. I’m not replacing anyone,” Fox has told Sun Media. “I don’t know if I can carry an action franchise. Right now I don’t even know if anyone will come to see me in a little independent movie.”

But really, Megan? We’d come to see you in anything. AND last time we heard, the reboot won’t even be that action-oriented anymore, so what gives?

Oh well, that’s that, folks. Fox now officially off our radar. We remain on stand by for other pings.

Tomb Raider film reboot to feature “character-driven action” and “younger Lara Croft” May 19, 2009

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Dan Lin, producer of the Warner Bros’ re-imagining of Lara Croft’s origin, has shared some new details on the Hollywood reboot of Tomb Raider. Speaking to About during the ‘black carpet’ premiere of Terminator: Salvation, Lin confirmed that the movie is indeed in the works. “We’re rebooting Lara Croft as well. Really excited – it’s a great origin story that we’re going to tell. A very character-oriented I would say more realistic than the past Lara Croft movies.”

Since the movie will feature an origins story, the Terminator producer said that it will feature “a younger Lara Croft.” No actress, however, has been cast yet for the iconic role, according to Lin. He also emphasized that the reboot will focus on Lara’s character, likening it to Terminator: Salvation: “I would say it’s like Terminator – character-driven action. I think for me the Lara Croft games and movies have gone a little too action-oriented. I wanted to have action, but with character.”

We’ll definitely have more on the Hollywood reboot as new details come in. Be sure to keep it here on Tomb Raider Fanboy.


Livingstone affirms possibility of next Tomb Raider movie; Other game-to-film Eidos titles confirmed May 9, 2009

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Ian Livingstone is quite proud of Eidos games going mainstream through their respective Hollywood adaptations. “Hollywood initially created its own characters; then they looked to books and comic books for stories and characters, and now they’re looking at games, because they see the rise in the popularity of these video game characters.”

There have been two Tomb Raider films and a Hitman movie, and now it’s Kane & Lynch that’s getting the silverscreen treatment, which will star no less than Bruce Willis, according to Livingstone. The Eidos life pres has also affirmed that there’s “possibly another Tomb Raider movie” alongside an animated TV series based on IO Interactive title Mini Ninjas.

Eidos titles going Hollywood — who didn’t see that coming? Definitely more on the films as new details come in.

[Gaming Indians]

Megan Fox admits passing up film roles because of Jolie comparison May 2, 2009

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Megan Fox is frightened of Angelina Jolie. “I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her and I try to avoid that because I’m afraid.” The question, however, is why? “Angelina’s a powerful person and I bet she would eat me alive. I guess that is why I’m afraid of her.”

Would she eat her alive if she took on her previous film roles? The Transformers star is sharing that “there have been a lot of films I’ve had to pass on because I don’t want people thinking I’m trying to emulate her.”

Now, we’ve no clue as to what exactly those films are, but we’ve reason to believe that the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot from Warner Bros. could have been one of them. Taking on the ‘Raider films is one of the turning points in Angelina’s career, and what other Jolie role but Lara Croft could be more identifiably Jolie?

While Megan has officially denied her involvement in the film in January, her camp refused to comment when asked whether the actress would accept the Lara Croft role in case it was offered or not. But if the Tomb Raider reboot was indeed one of the films she turned down because of her Joliephobia (provided it was offered), then perhaps we can strike out Megan Fox for good as the next Lara Croft.

Definitely more on the Hollywood reboot as it develops, if it does, which it will.

[Now UK]

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in a film anymore” March 8, 2009

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In a bold interview with computerandvideogames.com Square Enix’ veteran Yoshinori Yamagashi has claimed that games are due to overtake films when it comes to storytelling. Yamagashi explains:

In TV, film and theatre, the creator has control over how he gives the story to the viewer – it’s easier to control the emotions…

…I’ve been talking about this hurdle we have to jump over, with the interactive elements [of gaming]. But if we manage to get over this hurdle, then I regard videogames as a greater medium to provide people with deep emotional and exciting experiences.

Unsurprisingly this has made many observers of the gaming industry sit up and take notice. Games are advancing every year and the current generation of consoles have already given us a taste of what’s to come. Just look at the sumptuous graphics of Final Fantasy XIII in the trailers and you get a feeling that you’re in for a treat when it gets released. Hironobu Sakaguchi, a Square veteran himself proudly stated many years ago on Final Fantasy 1 that he wanted to tell a story through a video game medium. Perhaps the time will soon come when his dream will truly be realised.  Aeris’ death in Final Fantasy VII, the Ragnarok love scene in Final Fantasy VIII, Zidane’s pity of Kuja at the end of Final Fantasy IX are just some of the most memorable hollywood style scenes to come from the creative minds of Square Enix.

However, this latest comment also prooves why many Tomb Raider fans are perhaps justified in thinking carefully about TR’s future in the light of the Square Enix takeover. Just over a week ago Fanboy reported on its gaining momentum.  Along with this, an increasing feeling that Tomb Raider will turn an auspicious corner as a direct result has been gaining its own momentum. The idea that Square Enix may have an influence on the storyline and movie prospects is just one among many out there.

Square Enix is undoubtedly a host to some of the most creative and ambitious minds in the industry but now they have become tied to the Tomb Raider franchise, we are entering very interesting times indeed. Only time will tell what kind of changes (big or small) we will see.

The Top 5 Best Fan Covers of Tomb Raider Music February 22, 2009

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Tomb Raider is (unfortunately) known for five things: Lara, her set of twins on her chest, and her set of twins in her holsters. Today, we’re here to make that six; that is, with proof that a little-appreciated aspect of the series has earned itself a fanbase of its own. That’s right, we’re talking about music.

As part of our 5 Things features, we’re going to give you The Top 5 Best Fan Covers of Tomb Raider Music. As we count down to the top spot, we’ll be giving you the sublime moments of each fan rendition — moments that will have you stop, look (at the minute mark), and listen (again, and more carefully). So, without further ado, here are the best fan covers of Tomb Raider music on the Internet:

5. Lacrimosa (Mozart’s Requiem) – as performed by Jh8812 via YouTube: Granted, Lacrimosa isn’t exactly identifiably Tomb Raider, but last year’s teaser for Tomb Raider Underworld — which has thus far garnered more than a million views on GameTrailers alone — had everyone talking. It was enough that Lara (!) blew up her own house to have us scratching our heads, but the irony and intrigue of it all was amplified by the solemn yet foreboding music of Mozart’s Requiem. In his blog, Troels Folmann, music supervisor for Underworld, shared that “Blur (the team behind the teaser) originally used Mozart’s Lacrimosa [only] as a temporary piece,” but when he heard it, he ordered them not to change a single note.

Now, what makes Jh8812‘s rendition of Lacrimosa so special? It’s evident how passionate he is about playing the piece, and it effortlessly captures the twisted, tragic fate of Lara’s home being burned to ashes. Of course, being that the demo was posted in 2007, it’s highly unlikely that Jh8812 played this with Underworld in mind; it still stands, however — all things considered — that it’s a sublimely melancholic piece that encapsulates the tragedy that is Tomb Raider Underworld (no pun intended). Sublime moment: 00:31.

4. Vertigo (Tomb Raider II) – as performed by sosogood via YouTube: Originally composed by old-school Tomb Raider music man Nathan McCree, Vertigo served as the title theme of Tomb Raider II. There’s nothing much to say about the original (YouTubified here), apart from the fact that it sets the mood for Lara’s Chinese expedition to unearth the dagger of Xian, an endeavor that pits her against the maniacal Marco Bartoli.

The McCree piece was covered by sosogood in 2007, and while it doesn’t retain the synthetic yet relaxing sound of the original, the piano rendition kept the solemn feel in tact, as if to set to the player on a journey much like that of Lara’s lone world-trekking. There’s something about piano covers that makes a piece more relaxing, and sosogood’s Vertigo is a standing testimony to that. Sublime moment: 00:35.

3. Pandora’s Box (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life) as performed by CalikoKat via YouTube: Composed by the Alan Silvestri himself, Pandora’s Box (original orchestration here) was set to the dramatic scene of Lara and Terry’s confrontation in the cave where Pandora’s box was kept hidden from man. She wanted to go and leave it be, he wanted to go with it and not leave anything behind. It was the ultimate dilemma for Lara in the film: Choosing between the man she loved (or loves) or the assurance that the human race will be kept safe from the plagues and illnesses Pandora can unleash. She chose the latter. She had to kill Terry Sheridan.

Pandora’s Box was a dramatic and climactic piece as it was presented in the film (performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, no less). CalikoKat, however, made a more subtle and melancholic cover of it. It’s evident too that he is quite the classical piano expert, what with the complicated music sheet propped open for reference. Enviable, that skill. Sublime moment: 01:56.

2. Classical Mansion Music (Tomb Raider II) as performed by sondrolo via YouTube: One of the cheap thrills of training in Lara’s mansion in Tomb Raider II was playing the music in what looked to be the ball room of our heroine’s humble abode. It was classical, fast-paced music that served as an adrenaline booster while doing the rounds in the mansion, and it served as a mood-setter in the otherwise lonely, creepy (Winston was there) place.

In what seems to be the only remotely lively entry in our list, sondrolo achieves a feat that would have most Tomb Raider fans’ jaw drop. It’s a masterful rendition of the original with nary a hint of reference or any sheet for guiding the performance. It’s sublime at any given point, especially considering the breathless (if only fingers could breathe), skillful strokes of the piano keys. Sublime moment: Every moment.

1. Title Theme (Tomb Raider) as performed by Touhomus via YouTube: Also composed by Nathan McCree, this served as the title theme for the original Tomb Raider in 1996. Characterized by the use of harp and chants similar to that of the Gregorians’, the piece gives a meditative vibe that depicts the solemn moments of Lara’s discovery of long-forgotten places. It’s the epitome of Tomb Raider music in that it captures the spirit of the original and what it’s all about.

Touhomus‘ cover of this piece tops our list, hands-down, for its authenticity. It’s such a masterful and skillful rendition of the original that it’s difficult to set it apart from the actual piece itself. At certain moments, one could swear it was Nathan McCree playing. That’s how good it is. And that’s why it wins our list of The Top 5 Best Fan Covers of Tomb Raider Music. Sublime moment: Every moment.

And that’s that. The Top 5 Best Fan Covers of Tomb Raider Music. Stay tuned for the next installment of 5 Things!

Mystery woman gives tease: “I am the new Lara Croft” [Update] February 20, 2009

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Cinematical is sharing a “post-worthy” bit on the next Lara Croft actress for Warner Bros.’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. They’ve apparently received an e-mail from a mystery woman who is declaring that “I am the next Lara Croft.”

The folks over at Cinematical are saying she might be Emily Blunt or Amy Adams, “based on that sensual-but-oh-so-sweet look she gives the camera,” but, really…

More on this as it develops, if it does (which it won’t).

Update: Turns out the mystery woman is actually Elisabeth Rappe, writer for Cinematical. Her February ’09 headshot on Facebook confirms as much…and, well, those eyes are obviously hers. Thanks, Quasimodo!

Megan Fox keeps mum on possible Lara Croft offer January 31, 2009

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Despite earlier reports of Megan Fox’s reps denying any involvement of the actress in Warner’s Tomb Raider reboot, it seems we can’t strike out the Transformers star as Angelina’s replacement just yet. According to this E! Online piece, Megan’s camp refused to comment when asked whether the actress would accept the Lara Croft role if offered or not. And what a wise choice that was.

A premature “no” to an offer to play Lara Croft would be like — in the words of E! — “blowing a friggin’ cash cow” for Fox. Being a potential heiress to the role that catapulted Angelina to international fame would no doubt do wonders for Megan’s career. E! is also saying that the “sexier, sultrier mini-Jolie” is like getting Angelina “for one-sixth the price,” so it would make sense if WB wanted Fox to don Lara’s figure-hugging tomb-raiding outfit.

More on this as it develops, if it does.

Megan Fox is “not involved in the movie at all” January 29, 2009

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This one’s a late pick-up, but it does deserve its own entry. Sci-Fi site io9 has apparently contacted Megan’s camp about the rumors circulating that she might be the next Lara Croft on the big screen. Megan’s spokesperson only had this to say: “She’s not involved in the movie at all.”

We’d like to add “yet” at the end of that sentence. Unless there’s massive fan revolt, there’s nothing to stop Warner Bros. to pursue Fox if they wanted to.