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Next Tomb Raider set for release in 2010? June 25, 2009

Posted by tombraiderfanboy in Crystal Dynamics, Future Games.
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Thanks to the diligent sleuthing of Gtkilla of Tomb Raider Forums, we might have a possible release window for the ninth major ‘Raider installment in the Lara Croft series of games.

Following the hype surrounding Toby Gard’s re-appointment as Lead Designer at Crystal Dynamics, Laraverse has yet again uncovered a possible clue pointing to the inevitable Tomb Raider 9. Chris Conway, Senior Programmer at Crystal D, has listed “a Tomb Raider game scheduled for release in 2010 or later” under his professional experience in his Plaxo profile.

We actually prefer the “later” bit, but at least a 2010 release breaks Lara Croft’s string of yearly outings. Give the girl a break.

Thanks, TRC!



1. Anonymous - October 11, 2009

When dose tomb Raide Ix come out

2. darren bennett - October 15, 2009

is the game concrete yet and has a base been set on were she will be travelling to and what the plot will be about. also is this like the previous tombraider game about atlantis were remaking the originals is starting to come into fruition. so is this a remake of tombraider chronicles?

3. niranda - November 15, 2009

what is the name of next game

4. Jenny - November 18, 2009

Origins i think.

5. miracle - November 29, 2009

the next game is tomb riader orgins

6. ryan - February 11, 2010

i cant wait tomb raiderccesed

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