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Toby Gard gets Lead Designer title for unnanounced Crystal Dynamics game June 18, 2009

Posted by tombraiderfanboy in Crystal Dynamics, Future Games.
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Toby Gard, original creator of Lara Croft back in the ’90s, is now Lead Designer at Crystal Dynamics for an “unnanounced project”, his LinkedIn profile details. Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

Tomb Raider Fanboy’s May sleuthing pointed us to Underworld senior environmental artist Caleb Strauss also listing an unannounced project he’s working on at Crystal D. And just yesterday, Team Lara posted a job opening for the next Senior Art Director for their next triple A outing. Need we scratch our heads?

Thanks to amiro1989 for the heads up over at Tomb Raider Forums.



1. Ostercy - June 20, 2009

It’ll be kind of interesting to see how the new game differs from the other CD games with Toby Gard as lead designer.

2. tombraiderfanboy - June 22, 2009

It sure will. Let’s hope is for the better. Toby DID take charge of some rooms in TRA’s Egypt, and they were good.

3. scremanie - July 1, 2009

THANK GOD i am SICK of CD! they have made Tomb Raider so lame. I want to express my feelings somehow to them, but it seems i cant send an email because the one on there contact site is faulty (dodgy bastards)

hopefully these ones will be like the classics that we know and love! or should i say knew… >.>

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