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Fan Feature: The many moods of Lara Croft May 1, 2009

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A shift in dev team. A change in engine. A jump from one publisher to another. Through the years (thirteen years, to be exact), through the many dramas in her tenure as tomb-raider, Lara has become more comfortable showing her emotions, especially after the many twists and turns of her life career of being a Eidos’ flagship vixen. Fortunately, we’ve fuzzycroft of Tomb Raider Forums to capture these different sides of Lara…putting it into comparison with her circa 1996 self.

Created with the infamous XNA Lara program developed by Dusan, this work by fuzzycroft shows that Lara is indeed capable of showing all sorts of expressions. Fuzzy is not alone in making the different facets of Lara’s personality known, however. Folks over at Tomb Raider Forums have managed to create hail-worthy Lara Croft artworks through XNA Lara, ranging from recreations of Lara’s classic ’90s poses, renders of what-if video game crossovers, to high fashion-esque shots of Lara in her raiding outfits. Truly, XNA Lara has become a ‘Raider phenomenon within the Lara Croft fandom.

Every now and then, Tomb Raider Fanboy will endeavor to bring you exceptional fan creations inspired by anything Lara Croft and Tomb Raider, and this is one of them. Hop on to Fan Pulse to see what we’ve featured so far.



1. Monica - July 19, 2009

The 1996 moods all looked the same, not different like Underworld.

I think sad, angry, & scared are emotions what Lara is having in Underworld. Like what she see that thrall looks like her mom, thrall comes close to Lara, then face scared mood shows while line says “No. No, no, no, no, no. My mother is dead, my mother is dead. My mother died a long time ago.” I don’t think that’s her mother because I believe it’s playing Lara’s emotions and tried to trick Lara. I love it that Lara didn’t believe it’s her mother by this line “Your NOT MY MOTHER” then Lara shoots thrall away and falls down the toxic water.

But I can’t believe in Lara’s Journal says that she found her mother in Avalon. But I don’t believe it. Then the sad mood comes while Lara kneels down, then Natla admits that she use Amanda and Lara just to get to Avalon. Then she also say that what she heard from wife of Richard Croft, later then Richard betrayed Natla in Thailand. Natla admits she murder him of herself and she can’t believe Lara’s father footsteps. Finally Lara gets angry by this line “You seem forgotten what I’ve been holding.” I feel Lara’s pain. If my father got killed, I’ll seek revenge on a person who’ve been murder my father. It’s too sad. Poor Lara, mother’s disappearance since Lara’s age of nine and her father die of mistaken. It’s kind of sad it see it fade away. :(:(:(

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