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Pressure’s on for Lara Croft and Agent 47 to give Square money back April 29, 2009

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Lara has quite a huge debt to pay to Square Enix. Of course the Japanese publisher didn’t save the ailing ‘Raider house for nothing. They expect a huge return on their UK investment.

MCV is reporting that Square Enix is expecting to have a complete return on its £84.3m purchase of Eidos by 2012. While the popularity of her franchise is expected to shoulder a larger slice of the return, Lara’s not without her peers. Agent 47, Kane and Lynch, and the denizens of the Deus Ex universe will have to give their own contributions.

Yoichi Wada, Square Enix CEO, seems confident that he will get what he went to the UK for. “Eidos as a company is excellent, with powerful properties and strong management. And by joining our group, we think that the pace of growth and success can now be accelerated. We would not have taken this decision to buy Eidos unless we thought that we could get our investment back within two to three years. If we had thought it would take five years, for example, then we wouldn’t have made the acquisition.”



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