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Square Enix to push for more “profit-generating” Lara Croft — dolls (!?) April 28, 2009

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Following the massive success of various Final Fantasy merchandise which range from toys, action figures, and other collectibles, we can’t really blame Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada for believing in the profit-generating power of increasing merchandising output for his game franchises. He’s been rather vocal about his interest in making more Lara Croft toys and ‘Raider-related merchandise.

Wada, however, is aware that “if I were to tell the existing staff to do that (produce more Lara Croft merchandise) it means their workload would double, and they’d just run away…” But that won’t stop the new Eidos big boss to maximize his newly-owned (yep, she’s a product) globe-trotting, gun-totting lass.

“So of course I’ll have the proper staff in place and then try to improve the merchandising output. If you have the merchandising capability, as well as strong characters – which we do – then there’s no way we shouldn’t use it to generate profit.”

We’ll see what the “proper staff” comes up with then. The Tonner dolls are beautiful, but perhaps an actual size Excalibur or Mjolnir would make for more original outputs this time ’round?




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