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Square CEO on past years’ Eidos mishaps: “If there’s love, things will work” April 27, 2009

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It’s no secret that Eidos has had its share of mishaps in the past ranging from major title bombs, controversial review censorships, to shameful PR mishandles — things that Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada seems intent to address by “managing [them] as the same family (Eidos and Square Enix).”

Speaking to GI, Wada recounts Square’s recovery from near-bankruptcy back in 2000 — a case he seems to put in analogy with Eidos’ standing as a games publisher. While he says that he doesn’t think there’s any problem with Eidos, the Final Fantasy big boss does say that certain “things” will work “if there’s love.” We wonder what those “things” are that still need working on then.

In the same interview, Wada talks about the dilemma of prioritizing cost performance (i.e. milking a franchise a la ‘Raider on sched) or game quality (i.e. taking time to develop quality games a la Final Fantasy) and how it relates to his thrust for Eidos under his aegis. Read on through the GI jump.



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