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Eidos brand intact following acquisition deal, no immediate changes to be made April 27, 2009

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Word is incumbent Eidos CEO Phil Rogers will keep his seat despite Square Enix’s recent acquisition of the Tomb Raider publisher. Same goes for key positions and on-going schemes of the UK firm. Just what then was the acquisition deal for?

In an interview with GI, Square Enix president and CEO Yoichi Wada says that it will be the “sharing of cultures”  which includes “the personality of the top management of the company, and the atmosphere in the studios” that will characterize the takeover most. If that means Wada’s camp will be infusing the UK publisher with its quality-orientedness, then we’ve nothing against this supposed marriage of cultures.

In what sounds to be a reassuring statement, Rogers shares that Eidos, following the takeover, will continue in pursuit of its set direction as a games publisher: “Absolute gameplay, games with character.” On what he thinks of the acquisiton, Rogers points to “how people feel internally.” And on that front, the CEO says that “people here think that it feels very right, that it strategically fits well, and there’s a great deal of excitement now around the business. As a leader of a business, I think that’s a great litmus test.”



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