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Eidos No Longer Listed on London Stock Exchange April 22, 2009

Posted by tombraiderfangirl in Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, Square Enix.
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lse-small1Trinity34 reports on Tomb Raider Forums that Eidos is no longer going to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.  Now that Square Enix officially owns Eidos, Eidos will no longer be a publicly traded company.  What this means for Tomb Raider remains to be seen.  Hopefully without stockholders to appease, Crystal Dynamics will be given more leeway to take chances and develop a unique and innovative Tomb Raider game.

However, apparently the same people who made decisions about the games in the past will continue to work at Eidos for the time being.  This is great news for the friendly Eidos employees who frequent the forum.  On the other hand, I was hoping that some of the higher up positions would be scrutinized.  Eidos already went nearly bankrupt once, got bailed out by Sci, and then nearly bankrupted Sci.  I’d hate to see the same pattern repeat itself with Square Enix.

Square Enix has a good deal of experience in the gaming industry, so they ought to be able to set out some reasonable and responsible rules for managing Eidos’ money.  Hopefully they will be able to prevent further financial hardships from putting so much pressure onto games like Tomb Raider to appeal to everybody in order to sell millions of copies.  I want Crystal to be free to ignore the casual gaming market and instead create a true Tomb Raider game where I can raid my little heart out ^_^



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