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Eidos buyout by Square Enix given ‘thumbs up’ March 30, 2009

Posted by Tom in Eidos, Square Enix.

After much speculation the time had finally arrived for Eidos shareholders to make their decision and an overwhelming majority of those shareholders have voted ‘Yes’ in favour of a Square Enix takeover.

At a court meeting over 85 per cent of the shares held in the company were represented in votes cast to accept the bid, and at the subsequent EGM the motion required to implement the acquisition was also approved.gamesindustry.biz

As a fan, I’ve seen Eidos struggling a lot in the last decade over financial troubles and now that Eidos will now be owned by a non British company, Britain’s gaming industry has taken another hit.

Its true, we are in a recession and companies will inevitably get hit hard during these difficult times; however I think its worth pointing out that the British government are maybe getting their priorities wrong. Eidos has represented an industry that has become a shining beacon for talent and initiative which cannot be said for the banking system. I think its crazy that people like Jason Walker a.k.a Jaywalker (see photo on the right) have to fear for their jobs (read ‘company restructuring/overhaul’) while others in a different sector of our economy enjoy their juicy bonuses for landing our economy right in the proverbial mess.

Thus, I think that Eidos will one day be seen as an example of how our government still seems totally incapable of recognising that the games industry is serious business and not what it was once was back in the 80s or even the 90s.

Ultimately, Square Enix is undoubtedly a company which has a different approach, different ethos and of course very different back catalogue of games. Time will tell what this all means for future Tomb Raider games and Eidos’ staff awaiting further news.

Confused who owned and developed Tomb Raider and who does now? You may find this video may be helpful.



1. matt - March 31, 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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