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Lara’s Shadow Developer Diary Gets Released March 5, 2009

Posted by tombraiderfangirl in 360 DLC, Underworld.
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A developer diary has been released for Lara’s Shadow.  You can find it on the official Tomb Raider site here.  A big thanks goes to adventurerLara for reporting it on Tomb Raider Forums.  The footage from the level looks great and does not seem to spoil any puzzles.

The Doppelganger will have greatly expanded physical capabilities and the level designers seem to have used this as an excuse to make much larger and more difficult levels, which sounds fantastic to me.  Plus, I’m pretty sure I saw her jump at least as far as Lara could in the first six games, so I’m psyched to have that back.  The melee combat looks interesting too.

As a Tomb Raider fan I have to give the obligatory complaint that the people mispronounced Lara’s name repeatedly throughout the developer diary, but in all honesty I don’t care about that as long as they deliver on the level design and gameplay, which so far it looks like they have.  We’ll find out for sure on March 10th, which is only a few days away  😀



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