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Underworld Explorer lets you explore everything, stop at nothing (literally) February 20, 2009

Posted by tombraiderfanboy in Fan Pulse, Underworld.
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At the height of Tomb Raider Underworld’s ad campaign, it adapted the slogan “Explore everything, stop at nothing” to describe Lara Croft’s latest adventure. Of course, technically speaking, literally exploring every bit of space in Underworld is far from possible…that is, if you don’t have Underworld Explorer booted up.

Tomb Raider Forums user happyfunstick is sharing a utility program for the PC version of Underworld that allows you to fly around and explore everything, even the places you aren’t supposed to reach.

Pan of TRF has posted some images showing what you can do with the utility program. Pretty awesome, if you ask us. …And yes, that’s Lara (looking like she’s) getting eaten by the Midgard serpent.

Make the happyfunstick jump to get full details for download and installation.



1. Ferchhoo - May 29, 2009

jajajaj Muyy buenoo!!

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