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IGN: “Lara Croft should die” February 20, 2009

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Along with Kratos, Master Chief and Link. Why, you ask? Well, the folks over at IGN put it this way: “These people and animals need to die — either in their games or as a franchise — for the betterment of their legacies, although a small portion of them need to die because they suck.” Here’s what they have to say about Lara:

When she first made her splash on the gaming scene, players were introduced to an intelligent and strong female character that traveled the world while defeating enemies and collecting ancient treasure. Unfortunately, Lara’s adventures quickly devolved into bland and poorly designed titles rife with technical issues, horrendous puzzles and atrocious combat. Even worse, Lara’s image devolved from one of intelligence to a virtual blow-up doll. While she made a mild return to form with Tomb Raider Legend, finally holstering Lara’s twin pistols is long overdue.

Oh c’mon. At a time when she’s about to make a leap to another, arguably more competent publisher? We think not, just yet. Let’s see what a Japanese gaming giant can do for Lara, shall we? Give the girl a break.



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