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Fan Feature: SIMsethizing Tomb Raider February 20, 2009

Posted by tombraiderfanboy in Fan Pulse.
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Lara’s arch-nemesis Jacqueline Natla has always been fond of her pet Atlantean creatures. She’d envisioned a rebirth of the world through reviving her race, a feat she almost fully accomplished. See, Lara always stood in the way of Natla’s plans, and it really shows in the incomplete anatomical formation of these lovelies. Pity we never got to know if they had potential to be intelligent life before Lara killed them all of.

Fortunately, ThatNorskChick of Tomb Raider Forums came up with The Atlans: Pet Gods, a Tomb Raider spin-off that chronicles the lives of Natla’s pet Atlanteans given the chance that they were living at all. But wait…

Before you get all too excited, it isn’t a game. It’s only a boxart — an entry to the Design a Game Cover for a Tomb Raider Spin-Off competition over at TRF. Winners have been announced here, but go on ahead and make the competition jump to see the other awesome fan creations.

Every now and then, Tomb Raider Fanboy will endeavor to bring you exceptional fan creations inspired by anything Lara Croft and Tomb Raider, and this is one of them. Hop on to Fan Pulse to see what we’ve featured so far.



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