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New Release Date Announced for Beneath the Ashes February 19, 2009

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Eidos employee Jason Walker announced on Tomb Raider Forums that Beneath the Ashes is now due for release on February 24th, which is next Tuesday.  There had been some trouble with Beneath the Ashes if a user downloaded the DLC then attempted to move the harddrive to another Xbox 360.  This is supposed to be allowed since the DLC should be associated with the Gamertag, not the console.  Consequently Microsoft required Eidos to fix the issue prior to allowing the DLC to be released.  Now the issue is fixed, so Microsoft has given a release date which seems to be final, assuming everything goes smoothly. 

Beneath the Ashes will be 948MB while Lara’s Shadow (still scheduled for March 10th) will be about 1.07GB.  There will be an update to Underworld that will fix several bugs in addition to allowing the DLC to work properly as an add-on.  Finally, there are still no plans to bring the DLC to other platforms.

It feels great to finally have a real release date for Beneath the Ashes after nearly two months of delays.  I am really looking forward to this and I will have to go out and buy some Microsoft Points before Tuesday.  Each DLC will cost 800 MP, so that’s a total of 1600 MP to buy both DLC’s.



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