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Square Enix charts Crystal Dynamics as wanted development studio, looks forward to April takeover February 17, 2009

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Among other Eidos-owned “talented development studios,” that is. Square Enix has charted Europe and America to show us what places in the world they’re seeking to own full-time with its proposal for Eidos takeover. The Japan-based publisher has been very vocal about its plans of West-ward expansion, and the above company-released image pretty much explains what they’re talking about.

Notable Eidos-owned development studios include Hitman franchise team IO Interactive, Deus Ex 2 developers Eidos Montreal, Batman: Arkham Asylum group Rocksteady Studios, and, of course, Lara’s home base in California, Crystal Dynamics.

Fears (or, in some cases, wishes) that Lara will no longer be under Crystal Dynamics with Square Enix taking charge can be put to rest for now, it seems. Square Enix seems intent on Westernizing their portfolio, and we’re guessing they’re going to do just that by keeping game assignments as they are.

Now, as things get better and better for Square Enix with Eidos shareholders supporting their bid, the Final Fantasy firm is stating that if approved (in March), the official takeover will happen in April. We’re also looking forward, Squenix.

[EDGE Online]



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