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Eidos price tag is “the cost of buying a middle of the road developer,” says analyst February 13, 2009

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Michael Pachter, senior analyst at Wedbush Morgan, is saying that Square Enix’s bid for Eidos takeover is a good deal for the Final Fantasy publisher, especially since the cost for acquiring Lara’s parent company is “essentially the cost of buying a middle of the road developer.”

Pachter is also pointing at Lara Croft and Agent 47 as reason for Square Enix’s bid, saying that “they (Square Enix) are buying the company for the existing franchises, so I wouldn’t expect to see any of them killed off.” Good news is, it’s unlikely Tomb Raider will be off the gaming radar any time soon, a franchise that — together with Hitman, Championship Manager, and potentially Deus Ex — could boost Square Enix’s portfolio of “Western-style” games.

On Square Enix’s proposal to Eidos for takeover, Pachter says the “shareholders are being offered a premium to the most recent stock price, so most will probably believe that the deal is fair.” Earlier today, Eidos shareholder Legal & General Investment Manager expressed its support for the takeover bid.

If recent developments are any indication of things to come, we’d wager that a “Square Enix presents…” will precede the title screen of at least the next few Tomb Raider games, and boy are we looking forward to that.




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