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Lara’s Shadow Packshot NOT Revealed — Update – it wasn’t genuine after all… February 11, 2009

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Update:  Justin now says it’s not genuine, so we will still have to wait to see what the real packshot for Lara’s Shadow looks like.  Too bad, this one is kinda nice.  Although honestly I’d rather see some in-game screenshots than a packshot, but even more than that I want to play the damned levels already 😀

KC Mraz reports on Tomb Raider Forums that the Spanish distributer for Eidos has revealed the packshot for Lara’s Shadow in the middle of a press release reporting the delay of Beneath the Ashes.  Justin confirms that the packshot is genuine. The press release also apparently says that Beneath the Ashes is delayed until March for a simultaneous release with Lara’s Shadow, but at present moment that is unconfirmed.

Gamestop had offered a token pack on their website awhile back which purported to contain cards that would allow the customer to download Beneath the Ashes and Lara’s Shadow when the levels were released.  The date kept getting pushed back, and now the token pack did not appear at all when I did a search for “Tomb Raider” on their main site.  Clicking on the direct product link from the forum post reveals that Gamestop is not bothering with a release date anymore and simply says that the product is “Currently Not Available Online.”

Oh well, this is disappointing but hopefully the levels will be fully polished and worth the wait once we finally get to play them.  In the meantime, the Doppelganger looks as awesome as ever, so it ought to be a great new experience to play as her with her inhuman abilities.



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