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Uncharted 2 Creative Director: “I was on the Crystal Dynamics team” February 7, 2009

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Amy Hennig, creative director for Uncharted: Among Thieves, sequel to the critically-acclaimed Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, has more than a few things to say about Lara’s latest adventure, and the team behind it.

Hennig previously worked on the Legacy of Kain series under Crystal Dynamics as director and writer. Before Eidos made the developer shift for Tomb Raider from Core to Crystal, Hennig had already transferred to Naughty Dog to work on Nathan Drake’s first outing on the PS3. Hennig says, however, that her “friends are on that team (CD),” mentioning her previous involvements in the games industry.

Asked about what she thinks of Underworld, she says “Crystal has done an amazing job of really resurrecting that franchise and really returning to the roots of what made it such a beloved experience.” Hennig also appears to have a good grasp of what makes a Tomb Raider game, saying that “their strength is about the puzzling and kind of the mystery of it, and having these big puzzles to solve.”

On the comparisons between Uncharted and Tomb Raider, a subject a Crystal Dynamics rep has given word on last week, Hennig has this to say:

To be honest, I hate the comparisons between the two games, I mean I guess they’re natural, but I kind of don’t get it in the sense that really our game is much more of a fast-paced sort of shooter. […]

There’s a charm to the pace of their (CD) games that I think people love, which is moving through this mysterious space and sort of unraveling the mysteries inside. There’s something about our pace that people love, which is the fact that you’re just on this ride, and you’re just barreling along like you’re in a summer blockbuster. And they’re totally different experiences and don’t have to really compete with each other.

Case closed? You bet.




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