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Beneath The Ashes Interview Reveals New Details About Story and Outfits February 7, 2009

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beneath-the-ashes-preview21MS Xbox World has interviewed Steve Goodale, a member of Crystal Dynamics who worked on Tomb Raider Underworld. He reflects upon the game and gives some juicy new information about the DLC levels which are due out very soon (the first on Tuesday and the second on March 10).

About Beneath The Ashes, he confirms that it will cost 800 Microsoft Points to download. He says that it is a stand-alone level as large as any level in the main game and it will be independent of Underworld in terms of story (but it will still require the Underworld disc to play). Steve also puts an emphasis on the puzzles of Beneath The Ashes and he makes a tantalizing reference to a “new enemy.” I wonder who that could be…

The premise of this level is that Lara has returned to the ruins of Croft Manor and is sorting through the debris when she discovers that her father has hidden a “deadly source of power” in a series of caverns beneath the house. From the footage in the Developer Diary, it looks like Lara accesses these caverns from her father’s study which she discovered in the Croft Manor level of the main game. Most of the level is supposed to take place in a “never-seen-before environment” and Lara is apparently packing six new outfits for the trip.

She’s got a blue version of her casual outfit from Underworld which is seen in screenshots and the Developer Diary. As for the other five, Steve made reference to a jungle outfit and a bikini. Additionally, those two winning outfits from the Festival Arcadia contest have yet to crop up, so they may be included as well. It’s anybody’s guess what the final outfit will be. I’m content with the default blue casual outfit, so I’m happy whatever the case may be as long as the level is as big as they say it is and the puzzles are as challenging as they seem to be so far. We’ll find out Tuesday.



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