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Crystal Dynamics: “Tomb Raider is a much better exploration and discovery experience than Uncharted” January 31, 2009

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UK gaming site Gamezine has put up a rather late interview with Crystal Dynamics on the development of Tomb Raider Underworld. It comes after Eric Lindstrom’s comprehensive account of everything CD and Underworld, so it really doesn’t offer anything new — apart from the juicy tidbit on Uncharted, that is.

It’s obviously not a direct reply to Naughty Dog’s claim that Nathan Drake is already more popular than Lara, nor is it a deliberate attempt to attract more controversy than what the Lara Croft brand already has now. It seems to us like an honest-to-goodness opinion on the constant-yet-uncalled-for comparisons between Uncharted and Tomb Raider. And we cannot agree more, especially when it comes with the “honest” sentiment that “Tomb Raider is mostly just different from Uncharted,” a view on the two games that every gamer should undoubtedly adapt.

The second installment of the interview is out next week, with the user-submitted questions from early December last year. Now that, we’re more excited to see. We just got to love how this first interview closes though. Asked what they think are the five best words to describe Underworld, the unnamed CD rep had exactly five words to reply: “Excitement, Discovery, Choice, Awe, and of course…Epic.”



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