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Third-person Mirror’s Edge: Tomb Raider of the future? January 28, 2009

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The PC version of 2008 EA title Mirror’s Edge — famous for its innovative first-person parkour game mechanic — apparently has a cheat to have you play the entire game in third person. Have a look below.

What’s Mirror’s Edge doing in a Tomb Raider blog, you ask.

Well, it’s this. Sans the crappy animation of Faith in third-person (which wasn’t the focal point of the game anyway), her acrobatic skills are almost identical to those of Lara’s in her more recent games, Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld. Although the sample video really doesn’t show quality animations, the string of acrobatic moves performed by Faith does look like an infinitely more agile display of classic Raider acrobatics.

Picture this: The 2:49-long video set instead in long-lost ruins of an ancient civilization, towering moss-covered structures, lit only by the setting sun — with better, more graceful animations, of course — and an updated Lara in place of Faith. What we retain? The awesomely big leaps, the sense of expert maneuvering, and the palpable feeling of isolation.

Just a thought for the day, really. Is third-person Mirror’s Edge the Tomb Raider of the future? Yay or nay?



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