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An Extended Ending Was Cut from Underworld January 27, 2009

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Obviously if you have not already won Underworld, then this extended ending and subsequent discussion will contain spoilers.

Apparently Underworld’s ending was supposed to continue for another minute or so after Lara made peace with everything that had happened in the game.  WhiteTiger and Po Yu broke the news on Tomb Raider Forums, and apparently they got the information from a Chinese forum, so thanks go to everyone involved in finding this gem and making it public.

Eidos employee jaywalker confirmed that this scene was in the game at one point during a very early build but was removed quite awhile ago.  He doesn’t have any inside info as to the specific reasons for the removal of this scene, but personally he feels that it no longer fits within the context of the game.  I tend to agree, but more on that later.

Before I go and spoil the extended ending, you can watch it from Youtube, courtesy of rinothebouncer:

Now, I’m assuming you have already watched the video before reading this far, so let’s discuss the good stuff.  First off, where would this clip fit within the context of the game?  Lara is wearing the Drysuit and it is snowy, so the scene must take place in the final level of the game.  It takes place outdoors, so the only two choices are the very beginning of the Arctic level or the very last scene in Nepal (Lara is underground in between these two points).

The Arctic possibility does not make sense since we see Amanda later on in the level and she is uninjured, while in the extended ending her leg seems to snap indicating that this is the last time we see Amanda in the game.   There is also a sense of finality as Lara walks away, so I think it is safe to say that this scene would have come at the very end of the game after the current ending (or perhaps in place of it) as Lara and Amanda emerge in Nepal.

Now, for the implications this scene has on the plot:  It would seem that Amanda had second thoughts about letting Lara live, but was too clumsy to make good on her murderous intent.  Lara, on the other hand, once again leaves her enemy wounded but not dead.  How many times will an angry enemy have to come back and seek revenge before Lara learns better?

This is especially true considering that Amanda has already cheated death several times in the past (cave-in at Paraiso, merging with her pet and getting shot with Excalibur, getting thrown into the abyss by the Doppelganger, and probably a few others that we don’t know about yet).  Amanda has demonstrated remarkable resilience thus far and she will likely survive this ordeal as well, which should leave her extremely angry at Lara for once again nearly killing her and once again leaving her behind to die.  That would make twice that Lara nearly killed Amanda and twice that Amanda sought revenge.  Third time’s the charm, but for which one?

This scene makes both characters out to be rather foolish and self-destructive (Amanda for failing to kill Lara and Lara for choosing to let Amanda live).  That is the main reason why I do not like this scene.  Additionally, this extended ending puts too much baggage upon any future game which wishes to deal with Amanda.  Considering the bitterness that Amanda demonstrated in Legend and Underworld, I would not be able to believe it if Amanda simply forgave Lara for shooting her and leaving her to die in a snowstorm.  Consequently, Amanda would pretty much have to be written in as the villain trying to dish out some sort of payback for all of the injustices she has suffered at Lara’s hands.  Otherwise it just simply wouldn’t be consistent with her character from the previous games.

Now I like Amanda as a character and I have to admit that at times during Legend I found myself sympathizing more with Amanda than I did with Lara.  Perhaps this is due to the air of mystery surrounding Amanda.  Lara never once asked Amanda what she wanted, and Amanda certainly wasn’t in the mood to brag (unlike Natla…) so throughout the course of Legend I never found out what Amanda was really after.  Because of that, I was free to read into her motivations whatever I wanted, whereas Lara was excessively fleshed out to the point where there was no room for imagination.

But I digress.  My point is that I like Amanda and I don’t want to have to kill her in a future game, so the current ending of Underworld is perfect for me — Amanda and Lara have both remained true to their personalities and there is the possibility that they will not be enemies in the future.  Personally, I am hoping for an Amanda spin-off so that I get to play as her and she never appears in another Tomb Raider game again.  I’m tired of Lara getting upstaged…

Finally, I will close with a random light-hearted observation —  Amanda got a haircut in the extended ending.  Here’s a comparison pic with the extended ending Amanda on the left and the real Amanda on the right:

tru-amanda-ending-comparisonI have to go with the version that made it into the final game.  The longer, more tousled hairdo makes Amanda look a little crazy, which could be another reason why I like her.  It’s always fun to play as a mysterious and insane character 😀



1. Flipyap - January 27, 2009

Wow. That was horrid.
I wasn’t exactly happy with the final cinematic of Underworld, but this would make it far worse. Amanda finally (sort of) coming to her senses was probably my favorite thing about the ending and this bit would erase that. Glad it was cut.
I’d like to see more of helpful Amanda in future games, if this continuity doesn’t get erased in some in(s)ane effort to regain better sales.

2. tombraiderfangirl - January 27, 2009

Yes, I definitely agree. I really liked the note that Underworld left off on, where Amanda seemed to finally let go of the past.

3. Monica - July 19, 2009

I agree with you. Amanda Evert is my favorite character and she’s f**king hot as hell. I’m a fan of Amanda’s. I wish Lara and Amanda would make up already and become friends again but Lara’s fate and Amanda’s fate are sort of different. I hope Amanda Evert would be back on Tomb Raider 9. Oh, I almost forgot Kurtis Trent to be back on Tomb Raider 9, he’s a great character! 🙂
I think Amanda Evert, Kurtis Trent, & Jacqueline Natla really should be back but the spolier of “Lara’s Shadow” ending is very awful for me to see Natla gets suffer instead of no help. Poor Natla. 😦

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