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Rhona Mitra says “No” to being Lara Croft again January 24, 2009

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Whether it be for a major motion picture or just another modelling gig for the ninth Tomb Raider game, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans star Rhona Mitra is telling Media Blvd that she “might have gotten the best of it (portraying Lara Croft)” already. Rhona seems reminiscent and quite proud of her Lara Croft experience, however, as she recounts how the “giggle” of playing a pixelated character turned into a “catastrophic success”.

On still being recognized as Lara Croft, Rhona shares that “the profile that went with that somehow got muddied with mine, and people got confused as to whether I was her or not. There was really an association with that that’s still running.”

Now that Rhona’s out of the picture, we’ve no choice but to keep an eye on Transformers vixen Megan Fox, earlier rumored to be the next Lara Croft on the big screen. We’re still holding hope for a third Raider film, you know.

You can jump to the full interview here.



1. Nibz - April 13, 2009

Ah Rhona as Croft right from the beginning would have been perfect.. Think the films bombed a bit because they tried to be too Blockbuster-ish and with a high profile star they were automatically under scrutiny..Rhona well known in the UK but literally an unknown in the rest of the world would have took some of the heat outta the films…Hopefully she changes her mind and puts her name forward for the next film really wouldn’t be able to take Megan fox seriously as a English aristocrat.

2. Rachel - June 19, 2009

If Rhona doesn’t play Lara (THANK GOD SHE WON’T) Megan fox would be perfect. She would do a great job. She is my number 1 choice. But if Megan Doesn’t do it im sure Allison Carroll will. She is my number 2 choice.

3. tombraiderfanboy - June 20, 2009

Or maybe someone we’ve never even heard of.

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