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Gamasutra: “Female-friendly” makeover for Lara is not the answer [Update] January 23, 2009

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Following Eidos’ alleged intention of giving Lara a more “female-friendly” image after disappointing sales for Underworld, Gamasutra news director Leigh Alexander is airing her opinion on why the visionary shift will fail, and we quote:

She’s perhaps the game biz’s most famous piece of eye-candy, and somehow over the years she’s become iconic of the concept that 18-year-old boys drool over pixelated boobs. It’s easy to see how this has made some women feel as if Tomb Raider games are not “for them.”

But when it comes to why women don’t feel comfortable with this or that video game, it becomes necessarily a far bigger issue than just one character’s physique.

Here’s a jump to the full article. Oh, and Ms. Alexander, we concur.

Update: Various female gaming writers together with Alexander have posted their thoughts on the Lara Croft makeover on GamingAngels.com. You can make the jump here.



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