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Naughty Dog: “Nathan Drake is as popular as Lara Croft” January 20, 2009

Posted by tombraiderfanboy in Lara Croft.
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Asked by CVG if he thought Nathan Drake would ever be as popular as Lara Croft, Uncharted 2 director Bruce Straley had this to say:

“Why, do you think he’s not already there, if not beyond that point already, in terms of popularity?”

Do drop us a mail, Sir Straley, when (and if) Nathan Drake gets a movie franchise of his own, cover appearances in non-gaming magazines, his own comic book series, a toy-line named after him (or his game), an ad deal with an energy drink, a cash card and a car company, some screen time in a U2 music video and their live concert, a book about his impact on pop culture, and a feature animated series about his adventures.

Until then, we preserve our humble pie in the fridge.



1. Flipyap - January 20, 2009

The picture made me laugh out loud, good one.

Actually, the headline made me laugh too, when I first saw it.
Man, this piece of non-news sure brought me a lot of joy.

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