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TRU Creative Director one of 30 laid off, bares all on 360 DLC, Underworld, and Uncharted (!?) January 12, 2009

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Eric Lindstrom, Creative Director of Tomb Raider Underworld, confirms that he was among the 30 Crystal Dynamics employees laid off last week as reported by Kotaku. In a thread on Tomb Raider Forums, Lindstrom said that “there is too much being said that I don’t feel is right to go unanswered,” with the 360-exclusive DLC being “the main thing I wanted to clear up.”

On issues surrounding the DLC, Lindstrom said, “I cut content from the game [earlier on], and it later turned out to be possible to use in DLC, for which I was happy,” adding that, “it was a coincidence that we had some candidate content for DLC when the deal was made. I was glad for it, otherwise the stuff I had to cut out would have never seen the light of day.”

Lindstrom also talked about the apparent lack of polish of Underworld, for which the game was criticized: “I absolutely wish we could have spent more time polishing Underworld.” It wasn’t all publisher (Eidos) pressure, however, Lindstrom shared. “I take my share of responsibility of aiming so high that we had a reduced ability to spend time on polish.”

Asked what he thought of the constant Uncharted comparisons, Lindstrom had this to say: “I think Underworld was a much better tomb raider experience than Uncharted, but Uncharted succeeded very well at what they were trying to do. The games were just very different with only a slight connection in their high concept.”

There have been doubts on the identity of Lindstrom on Tomb Raider Forums. The forum administrator has since confirmed, however, that Lindstrom was indeed the poster behind the Squamula username.

Update: Eric was kind enough to make a write-up of what went behind-the-scenes for the story of Crystal D’s Tomb Raider games. Here’s a jump to the thread on Tomb Raider Forums.



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