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Fanning the flames: Time Warner poised for “incremental” Eidos acquisition? January 10, 2009

Posted by tombraiderfanboy in Eidos, Underworld.
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Time Warner CFO John Martin is telling Gamasutra that the company’s efforts of acquiring gaming companies would “be done incrementally,” a strategy that reflects the previous 10 million shares purchase of Time Warner in Eidos last year. Martin’s comment comes at a time when Lara’s parent company seems ripe for any takeover bid, following the disappointing sales of Underworld.

In the event that Time Warner fully acquires Eidos, further Tomb Raider games down the road (if any) will most likely be cataloged under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment‘s portfolio, which has expanded quite considerably with the addition of Monolith FPS title F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, breaking away from its staple Everyone-rated line-up.

In 2007, WBIE senior vice president Samantha Ryan talked about the company’s 5-year plan to gain solid footing in the games industry, part of which was to acquire studios and companies for exponential growth. Fast forward to 2009, Time Warner’s interactive entertainment arm seems well on its way to achieving a milestone for the company…and Lara.



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