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Hollywood’s “most special” effect could make Angelina be Lara Croft – forever January 2, 2009

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If the last two Tomb Raider movies have moved you to feel or think that only Angelina Jolie can be Lara Croft, then you might be worrying that when Angelina’s way beyond her gun-totting-capable age, she will no longer be able to keep up with Lara’ being the forever young Bondesque lass that she is.

Well, Silicon Valley‘s offering Hollywood a “big assist” to solve the problem.

Mercury News is offering a prospective look at chips that can help surpass the visual fidelity of Angelina’s computer-generated portrayal of Grendel’s mother in Beowulf, and we quote:

Aided by increasingly powerful microprocessors and incredibly sophisticated software, movie makers and video game developers are getting closer to achieving the holy grail of animation: creating computer-generated actors that are visually indistinguishable from real people. Consider it Hollywood’s most special effect.

And experts say that could bring revolutionary changes for film lovers and game players. Stars could keep playing inconic roles even as they aged past the point of believabillity, like Jolie as Croft or Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. At the same time, video games could look more realistic — in fact, more like movies themselves.

Can’t say we’re not excited to see a CG Angelina beating up Simon again on the big screen. More through the MN jump.



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