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360 Wetsuit DLC pack now Live; Underworld mods make it possible for PC December 30, 2008

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Following last week’s release of the Classic outfits through exclusive 360 DLC, the second Lara costume pack for Underworld is now available to download for free from the Marketplace. Eidos gives you some pointers for using the outfit:

Once you have downloaded these costumes they will automatically be added to the costume select screen that appears at the beginning of every level with the exception of Mediterranean. To select the new costumes for this level you must load the game through the revisit feature.

Now, although the additional outfits are only 360-bound, folks over at Tomb Raider Forums have made it possible to have the outfits for PC, too. Some change of colors here and there and, voila! New wetsuits for Lara Croft! Here‘s a link to shots of the just-like-the-real-thing Axelia mods and the downloadable file. Instructions on how to put them into the game can be found on Tomb Raider Hub. Enjoy!



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