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Console wars round-up: PS3 superior Underworld version? December 29, 2008

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It wasn’t too long ago when MCV UK reported that 51% of the UK launch sales of Tomb Raider Underworld was for the PS3 version of the game and 49% was for the Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and PC versions of the Eidos title. Now latest estimates of sales in Europe and America (thanks, Nomedo!) gives us figures of 516,156 units going to the PS3 and 401,267 units going to the Xbox 360, amounting to 1,078,139 with PC and DS sales. Keep in mind that the 360 version actually has exclusive DLC coming for it.

Naturally, the sales of Lara’s current-gen debut has aroused discussions as to why Sony got a larger slice of the sales pie. Was it platform association? Brand loyalty? Genre preference? Or was it a matter of availiability of titles on both HD consoles?

And now, latest Internet buzz gives it that, aside from sales, Underworld for the PS3 is technically the superior version.

Comparison shots of the PS3 and 360 versions of the game posted at Beyond3D has sparked discussions that the port (PS3) is visually and technically better than the lead version (360). Matters of resolution (PS3 on 720p, 360 on 576p), selective motion blur (only on 360), PS3 port team Nixxes owning Crystal D at their own game, and, well, which version has bigger boobs on Lara have been tapped, with subsequent efforts of debunking the said claims getting published all over the web.

Lara Croft in the Mediterranean: The Xbox 360 version (right) appears to be missing shadow effects present in the PS3 version (left)

Missing effects in the 360 version. For one, gaming site Lens of Truth is claiming that the allegedly missing effects in the 360 version of the game (dynamic shadows, caustics and water effects) are actually due to a glitch that is also present in the PS3 version (more through the site jump). Offering a quick fix for the problem (pausing then un-pausing the game), Lens of Truth put up a video to show the recovery of the glitched effects for both versions of the game.

No selective motion blur on the PS3. Although there have been observations that a selective motion blur effect (which works wonders on the visual front) is present on the 360 and absent on other systems, a post on E-mpire Forums from an anonymous dev (presumably from CD) is saying otherwise. Of the HD versions of the game, only the PC version, it turns out, doesn’t have the said effect. As of now, the poster hasn’t been identified or confirmed to be part of Crystal D.

Nixxes under the limelight. After the comparison shots of the PS3 and 360 versions of Underworld were posted online, Nixxes, the team responsible for the PS3 port of the game, has unwittingly put itself under the limelight for producing the supposedly superior version of the game. Some vocal sentiments give props to Nixxes for optimizing the capabilities of other systems for the title, while some even put Nixxes on their radar for the next great PS3 title.

With the more recent kinds of attention given to Lara being about the exclusive DLC and demo for the 360 and the sales of the PS3 version of the game and its technical superiority rather than her boobs and behind, it’s becoming apparent that gamers are becoming more and more sensitive about their version of choice for multi-plat games which happen to have resource-draining price tags, and Lara’s latest outing seems to be no exception.



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