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Lara Croft could end up behind bars December 26, 2008

Posted by tombraiderfanboy in Lara Croft.
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That is, if she keeps on with her unorthodox wont of looting ancient artifacts and putting them up as trophies in a room with a non-existent door. ‘Cause, word is, an Aussie ‘raider just recently got arrested in Egypt for sacking “2000-year-old animal mummies and religious relics out of the country.” The charge? Smuggling antiquities. In this case, “figurines and two mummies of a cat and an ibis, a long-beaked bird, both dating back to 300BC.”

Looks like Lara will have to be a little more discreet when stuffing age-old artifacts in her trusty backpack from hereon out. Oh, and she might also want to refrain from kick-opening ancient potteries just to see their contents from now on.



1. Flipyap - December 26, 2008

Not to mention the whole deal with her doppelganger blowing up the mansion.
Sounds like poorly thought-out insurance fraud to me!

Man, the series sure reached some new levels of stupidity with the release of Underworld, hasn’t it?
Thinking of events from Tomb Raider in real world context is a dangerous route.

2. tombraiderfanboy - December 27, 2008

Thankfully, Lara’s superhuman abilities have always set her world apart from ours. I’d actually prefer if it stayed that way.

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