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Vote for next Lara Croft outfit DLC [Update] December 16, 2008

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The top designs are in. Festival Arcadia’s Virtually Fashionable event for Tomb Raider Underworld held on November 8 put the spotlight on 10 designer outfits for Lara Croft, of which two were hand-picked by Eidos as finalists for a faithful recreation of the design in Underworld. A voting thread is up on Tomb Raider Forums if you want to vote. The winning design will be made available as a DLC at a yet unspecified time. Presumably, it will come bundled with Beneath the Ashes, which will be hitting Xbox Live pretty soon.

Update: Eidos Community manager Keir Edmonds has just announced that the Travis Taddeo design (pictured right; black outfit) won the community voting. So that’s what you’ll be getting as DLC.



1. Christian Waltham - July 9, 2011

Ive got a load of tomb raider games and I want to get Underworld as soon as possible Ive got angel of Darkness Tomb Raider Chronicles Tomb raider Anniversary and Legend and the playstation 1 version of Tomb Raider 2 and as you can see Im a huge fa so please let me know when lara croft Underworld comes out all that I know is the locations.Its the Mediteranean Sea then Coastal Thailand then Croft Manor back in England when her mansions on fire and she meets the doppelganger with red hair and gold eyes ad that you get to play her but I also heard that the controls are a bit shifty so ya the location that I know about are the Mediteranean Sea,Coastal Thailand,Croft Manor,Southern Mexico,Jan Mayen Island ,Andaman Sea,Arctic Sea,Tomb of Baldur then finally Hellhuim.I also heard that the Altantean Goddess has returned Natala is her name ad also Amelia Croft is turned into a Thrall and you havto fight Yeti thralls and the normal Thralls so ya.I know way more but all I want to do is get it now at an affordable price for my Playstation 2 or my PC so all that I need to know now is were to get it?I also heard that her father Lord Richard Croft leaves a taped recording for Lara ‘I wonder what it says?”Her mansion is also on fire and I think that she has to rescue Zip and Alister and them but I have to see for myself.Thor’s hammer also plays a big part.So please just tell me where I can get it but not for Xbox please I don’t have one of those thank you for your time.

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