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Lara Croft top-bills “Room Raider” in Tomb Raider box art contest November 30, 2008

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Kotaku’s Tomb Raider Box Art Contest has turned in quite an interesting bunch of final entries, ranging from serious, epic-looking art, to naughty Alison Carroll Photoshop madness.

Earlier on, the Tom Braider entry generated some amount of buzz when Kotaku featured it on its front page, but the final gallery proves that there are other entries more worthy of front page buzz. Below are but a few examples:

As of press time, Kotaku has yet to announce the winning entry. Tomb Raider Fanboy will keep you posted so you’ll know when they do. For the meantime, why not vote for your favorites? That is, if it will still be counted.

UPDATE [02DEC2008]: Kotaku is doing a recast of votes for the contest. Something went wrong with the first one apparently. Go ahead and vote (or re-vote) here.



1. joeyman - June 3, 2010

this post excites me!

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